Highlights of the May 2014 Chamber Minutes

from Co-President, Karen Debergh


Executive Report

Karen Debergh reported on the Executive Committee. Karen Debergh and Carmen McGregor met with the Community Strategic Planning Committee along with the Wallaceburg BIA to discuss the four different areas of the Strategic Plan. They wanted to find out the concerns of Wallaceburg. A meeting will be set up with the BIA sometime in September. WDSS has added an Aboriginal Entrepreneurship Program to the curriculum. They are looking for partners, mentors and speakers. They are offering two full programs; Grade 11 and Grade 12. Carmen told the high school that they Chamber would be able to send out information for them. Two board directors have officially resigned; Mike Hatfield and Barbara McCaughrin. The cutoff date for summer student resumes was on Monday; interviews will take place on Tuesday with Nick Cadotte and Karen Debergh. It was suggested to switch the email blasts from Friday to Tuesday.


Committee Reports

  • Special Events Committee: Chuck Ferris reported on the Special Events Committee. Business after Hours will be held at the Museum tomorrow night. The committee would like to see a good turnout.
  • Marketing/Membership Committee: Karen Debergh reported on the Marketing/Membership Committee. The committee met with Chris Summerfield. Chris will be taking over the sign program and sponsorships. Chris has the membership and membership recognition certificates and will be dropping them off to the members.
  • Business Excellence Committee: Karen Debergh reported on the Business Excellence Committee. An up to date budget was included with the board packages; however a few bills still need to come in.
  • Golf Committee: Barb Noorenberghe reported on the Golf Committee. The committee will be meeting after the board meeting to finalize some items. There are 11 teams to date; but we should be at 20 by May 23rd.
  • Finance Committee: Karen Debergh reported on the Finance Committee. The Executive committee will be discussing the over 90 days outstanding. The committee needs to look into all the cancellations. Karen will send an email to Matt to set up a Finance Committee meeting.


New Business

There was a discussion regarding hosting a Provincial Debate for the elections. The radio station usually does an on air debate. Chuck to get in touch with Greg to discuss this further.

Next board meeting – June 11, 2014 – 4:00 PM – Chamber office