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Industrial Achievement

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Eligible businesses, in any industrial sector, include those that:

  • Create innovative solutions and redefines their market segment.
  • Develop new market opportunities.
  • Demonstrate business and service excellence.

North Element | Randal Furlan [Winner]


Known to all as Randy, he has spent his entire life in the Chatham/Wallaceburg area. Growing up his evenings and weekends were spent working on the family farm. After finishing and obtaining his agriculture degree from college, Randy, a born entrepreneur, was determined to give back to the community he loved and raised his own family in. Randy is involved in several business ventures not only locally but globally. He has been involved in the green energy sector with wind, solar, and energy recapture. In addition to this, he has worked on sales and distribution of agricultural inputs, health products, upcycling safety ice melts, and the manufacturing and packaging of dry and liquid goods that are distributed internationally. Farming has given him the foundation and strong work ethic he needed to be successful in his career. He is as comfortable fixing a line machine as he is sitting and presenting to a Fortune 100 company in their corporate offices. Randy’s core belief is that we are all stronger together than we are apart, and he takes that authentic truth with him in all his ventures, by building, sharing, learning, leading, mentoring, and giving back to both the community and the environment whenever possible. His core belief system, strong business acumen, and love of ideas, people, and family are his true strength. 

1 Source Design

1 Source Design was established in 1979 with the intent to expand, into a flourishing tooling market; providing high paying jobs in our local community.

Starting as a plastic injection tool manufacturing hub as well as a production part manufacturing business, as time went on and business evolved we recognized that tooling was becoming a global commodity, so we began to make connections in Europe and Asia. These early connections have grown to many countries around the world.

Establishing a smaller service shop in the United States (MS-2) further expanded service capabilities which helped to make the connections to our customers even stronger.

Our tooling market has migrated into gauge manufacturing as well as die-cast tooling and trim tooling. With this market migration into other related markets, we feel this will give us a stronger footing for the future of manufacturing.

Select Finishing

Select Finishing works with vendors around the globe to provide a one-stop service. As a custom coater, they offer a wide variety of coating and certifications covering a multitude of expertise. From powder coating to Class A Automotive base/clear finishes they can fulfill all of your coating needs. Not only are they certified in ISO 9001, AMMA 2604, AAMA2605, CARC, & the Controlled Goods Program, but they are also a Tier II supplier to GM, Ford, Chrysler, BMW, BRP, Electrolux and Caterpillar.

Select Finishing employs 190 people from the Wallaceburg and surrounding area. Over the past 2 years, with the help of their employees, they have contributed to local events such as the Christmas parade, the Lunch Box Program, and McDonalds McHappy Day here in Wallaceburg.

Select Finishing has recently partnered with the Employment Service program through Community Living to provide rewarding jobs for their clients. These new recruits have created not only a strong bond with Management and fellow coworkers, but they have also impacted their company through dedication and attention to detail. Select Finishing’s partnership with Employment Services Program has opened their eyes to better understand not only the importance of their work but also the need for local businesses to support this program.