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Volunteer of the Year

Proudly Sponsored By United Way Chatham-Kent

Eligible individuals, or organizations, include those that:

  • Creates an environment within our community that is friendlier, more inclusive, and/or safer.
  • Contribute beyond their professional and elected duties.
  • Contribute to the development of our community and neighbourhoods to be a great place to work, live, and play.

Madison Hetherington [Winner]

My name is Madison Hetherington. I am 22 years old. Born and raised in Chatham-Kent. I went to high school at CKSS and spent most of my free time in competitive dance growing up. This year I graduated from the University of Western Ontario studying business. Currently, I am working in network marketing working for Monat Global. I am very passionate about marketing and am working towards starting my own marketing company. I also have a huge love for travel and have been to 26 countries!

When the global pandemic first hit, I was still at school in my final year of my undergrad at Western. I saw a story about an old couple that went to the grocery store and sat in their car for an hour, waiting for the right person to pass to ask to get their groceries for them. I felt I needed to take action as someone in the community that is young and healthy, to help alleviate the anxiety of those with compromised immune systems. With this, I created Clean Helping Hands and was able to help dozens of families each week for the first two months of the pandemic get their groceries and any other errands needed. In addition to this, we raised $8000 in donations for the food banks in our community. Growing up I had always seen my dad (Greg Hetherington) make such an impact on the community and always make giving back a priority. Being twenty-two years old, I decided it was time I organized something of my own and follow in my dad’s footsteps.

Gordon & Dorothy Heath

Gord and Dee (Dorothy) Heath are long time volunteers within the Wallaceburg area. They are currently involved in the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 18, Trinity United Church and the Thunder Hawks Hockey team. They have helped host events within our community and provide services for those in need through the various community organizations they work within. From organizing kids fishing derbies and public speaking contests to assisting with various 50/50 draws and Remembrance Day poster contests, Gord and Dee have made a meaningful impact on the Wallaceburg and District area. They have dedicated a great deal of their time to servicing our community and rallying new volunteers to continue the work of the organizations they represent.

May 16th Miracle

Wallaceburg Team

Stuart McFadden and his family volunteered to help organize the local May 16th Miracle event in Wallaceburg. The McFadden family includes Stuart & Tammy and their two sons Bronson and Braydon who were all heavily involved in Wallaceburg’s May 16 Miracle efforts. That day was particularly special for the family as it was also Tammy’s birthday and she wished to spend their day helping those around them. As ‘chief cat herders’ they helped make May 16th Miracle a defining moment for the Wallaceburg community. Although, May 16th would not have been as successful as it was without the amazing people of Wallaceburg and their gracious efforts. During a very challenging time, hundreds in the community came together to donate their time, food, and money to make sure those affect by COVID-19 were taken care of. The McFadden family would like to thank the community for everything they did to make the May 16th miracle an awe-inspiring event. Together, we made a miracle.

Dresden Team

The May 16 Miracle was a door to door collection of non-perishable food items for local food banks throughout Chatham-Kent. In Dresden, an enormous amount of food was collected for the local food bank to provide a better level of food security for patrons of the Dresden location. The same result was achieved throughout Chatham-Kent. The Dresden May 16 Miracle Team consisted of over 200 volunteers. The organization consisted of 2 co-captains, 4 subcommittees with 2 co-chairs of each sub-committee with 20 subcommittee members. These committees were responsible for organizing the logistics of the food collection. Stuart Kiar and Laura Poland were the community captains for the Dresden area and worked hard to ensure the event ran smoothly. The committee chairs were Liz Kominek and Tyler Ouellette (Collections), Shauna Jackson and Marie Carter (Promotion and Publicity), Cindy Brewer and Rose Northcott (Volunteer Coordination), Laura Poland and Meg Robinson (Receiving and Sorting). It was truly an event that brought the entire community together- either through direct involvement or through individuals donating items.