Highlights of the January 2013 Chamber Minutes

from President, Carmen McGregor

President’s Report

Carmen reported on the minutes of the Executive meeting (included in package). The First Data agreement has been completed and sent back. The next step is, Scott will set up a time with Tina for training and working on marketing material.
Preparations for the Tony Clement event are coming along nicely. Canadian Tire has become the corporate sponsor for the event. Brad Borland will be the emcee for the event; Tina will prepare an agenda prior to the Special Events meeting on January 30th.
The lottery tickets are here at the Chamber office to be sold.
Mike will be doing a follow-up on the University of Windsor event. Blanca will be doing an article and have it to Mike by the 14th.
The Sign Project is almost complete. Ron is meeting with Janet of WAMBO to discuss their advertising on the back of the Baseline sign.
The Executive are looking at the Membership Survey that went out in 2010. Carmen feels it is time to do another one. Once the Executive has looked at it; it will be forwarded onto the Marketing/Membership committee to revamp.

Committee Reports

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  • Business Excellence Committee: Tina has completed the nomination form and it is ready to be sent out to members and the community. Carmen spoke with Greg and he will help get the information out through the radio station. Carmen will talk to Dave Gough at the Courier Press.
  • Special Events Committee: Gloria reported on the Special Events meeting (included in package). Four Business after Hours events have been booked; Dimitars, Syd Rivers, Curran Hospitality and CKXS. Gloria has left messages at a few other places as well.
  • Golf Committee: Barb Noorenberghe has booked the tournament at Baldoon for May 24. At the time of the booking ownership hadn’t changed. Carmen asked Greg to talk to Countryview so that we would have a backup in case something happened with Baldoon.
  • Marketing/Membership Committee: Ron reported that the committee will be meeting on January 28th. Ron asked the board what the committee should look into for 2013. It was suggested to see what happens with the Membership survey. Some ideas might come from that. Carmen suggested the committee take a look at the current membership package and to find better ways to attract new members. Karen mentioned that the Marketing & Special Events committees work together to find a way to track non-members attending the Business after Hours events; possibly using business cards instead of signing ballets at the door. For those that don’t have business cards, we could have generic ones made specifically for these events. Another idea was to have directors bring non-members to a Business after Hours event at no charge.


New Business

Ontario Chamber of Commerce membership – Tina printed off the forms to join the Ontario Chamber of Commerce. The total will be $1830.00 per year; quarterly payments are $457.50. Tina will fill out the forms and send back to the Ontario Chamber of Commerce.

Good & Welfare

Carmen has been asked to do a presentation at the Southwest Regional Credit Union Annual General Meeting.

Next board meeting – February 13, 2013 – 4:00 PM – Chamber office